Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Getting ready for ACRA 2011

I am the Program Chair at the Australasian Robotics and Automation conference (ACRA), which starts on Wednesday the 7th of December. The Full Program is now online. Despite long hours of preparing for the conference with my co-chairs (Tom Drummond, Lindsay Kleeman and Andrew R. Russell), I am still energetically looking forward to the technical presentations.

I am co-author for 3 papers accepted for oral presentations at ACRA. Videos and paper PDFs below.

PDF: A lightweight approach to 6-DOF plane-based egomotion estimation using inverse depth 
Authors: Titus Jia Jie Tang, Wen Lik Dennis Lui and Wai Ho Li

PDF: Visual Localisation of a Robot with an external RGBD Sensor
Authors: Winston M. S. Yii, Nalika Damayanthi, Tom Drummond and Wai Ho Li

PDF: eBug - An Open Robotics Platform for Teaching and Research

Authors: Nicholas D'Ademo, Wen Lik Dennis Lui, Wai Ho Li, Y. Ahmet Sekercioglu and Tom Drummond

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