Friday, 8 October 2010


I attended IEEE CARPI 2010 to present work done in collaboration with Sp AusNet (Power utility in Australia) that automates parts of their ongoing aerial asset surveys through the use of technologies such as object detection and defects classification.

Conference highlights

  • Presenting the PAPER and chairing the image processing session 
  • Met and played pool against robotics legend Shigeo Hirose
  • Being blown away by Hirose's epic keynote (40+ slides of his many robot designs and mechanisms, each resulting in patents, publications and entertaining video demonstrations)
  • Saw a lot of robots at IREQ (Hydro-Quebec's robotics research lab) 

Giving a presentation as chair of the Image Processing session
Robotics legend Shigeo Hirose on the left
Tons (literally) of cool robots on display at IREQ

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