I have taught a variety of undergraduate units in the areas of programming (MATLAB, C/C++), robotics, computer vision and engineering design as an academic at Monash University's Electrical Engineering department. Units I have taught include:
  • Computing for Engineers (large 1st year engineering introduction unit covering MATLAB, coding practices and numerical methods)
  • Computer Organisation and programming (2nd year C programming course also covering MIPS and a bit of hardware)
  • Engineering Design (3rd year team-based design unit where students build autonomous robots that compete against each other)
  • Intelligent Robotics (final year elective on robotics, primarily dealing with sensing, mobile robots and a bit of computer vision)
  • Computer Vision (final year elective on computer vision using OpenCV and libcvd)

Achievements and Awards

  • Coordinating, lecturing and teaching ~2500 students in total from 2009 to 2011
  • Highest unit evaluation within first year engineering (2009, Computing for Engineers)
  • Greater that 90% (4.5 out of 5 scale) student satisfaction in majority of units taught
  • Great feedback from students (see below)

Student feedback (collected by anonymous survey)

Answers to question "What were the best aspects of the unit?" (Comments collected by university anonymously ):
  • Wai Ho
  • Wai Ho teaches well, he made it interesting and easy to understand :)
  • Wai Ho was a very good teacher and Chris was fairly good. Wai Ho's examples in the lecture where he demonstrated Matlab was very helpful.
  • The first series of lectures on how to use the basics of MATLAB presented by Wai Ho Li, these were clear, concise, and easy to comprehend and apply.
  • Wai Ho is an excellent lecturer.
  • Wai Ho Li's organisation of ENG1060's blackboard needs to recieve an Award.
  • ... the lecturer always gave us real world example to explain the concepts he was teaching us.
  • Wai Ho is a good lecturer. I also took this unit last semester and found him to be a lot more engaging than the lecturers last semester.
  • Wai Ho Li's lectures were fantastic and his dedication to answering questions on blackboard was amazing.
  • The lecturer, Wai Ho Li, has made this unit the most enjoyable and interesting unit. his explanations and descriptions of the topics covered in the unit were clear and concise.
  • Good lecturer
  • The lecturer (Wai Ho Li) and his notes were VERY GOOD.
  • Wai Ho Li is my hero!!!
  • I like the lecturer, Dr Wai Ho, he is awesome.
  • I would highly commend Wai Ho for his teaching ability, he presents the lectures in a way that makes you want to attend every lecture, its much more interesting to learn in his letures than on your own.
  • Wai Ho is a fantastic lecturer
  • Wai Ho was probably one of my best lecturers
  • Wai Ho taught the subject very well
  • I personally feel Dr Wai Ho Li did a amazing job this semester
  • Wai Ho Li was very good at providing useful feedback on our design projects.
  • Wai Ho is very enthusiastic and the lectures were very interesting.
  • Wai ho was a good lecturer, detailed lectures.
  • Wai Ho is a wonderful lecturer, he is engaging and the material taught is extremely well presented.
  • The lecturer wai ho was clear and efficient and his lectures were useful.
  • Wai Ho was a very good lecturer
  • Wai-Ho is perhaps the best Engineering lecturer on campus.
  • Wai Ho explaining the lectures very clearly and thoroughly. The lectures also helped as Wai Ho could demonstrate certain code on MATLAB for the whole class to view.
  • Dr.Wai Ho Li was extremely knowledgeable and knew all his material in depth.
  • Extremely well organized [unit]. A true tribute to the lecturer Wai Ho

More feedback from students